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BP: Rylan Application by Jesuka BP: Rylan Application by Jesuka

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Name: Rylan Elward

(uses different names to hide identity)

Age: 21

Height: 6'1'

Bloodtype: O+

Level: 2

Originally Selones but when he tried to break in to the palace he was thrown in jail but escaped and hitched long ride to Cordon

Biotek/Biogen/Magic: Biogen
- Controls Wind/Air element

Weapon: Two daggers which he keeps on his back and some trinkets in his pouch, such as mini explosives and knives

:bulletgreen: Cats
:bulletgreen: Stealing
:bulletgreen: Flirting with women
:bulletgreen: Talking
:bulletgreen: Fighting

:bulletred: God loving people and religion as a whole. (so he gets upset when people tell him to be good because his powers come from god)
:bulletred: people knowing his identity who he doesn't fully trust
:bulletred: People befriending him only to get what they want.
:bulletred: Removing his hood in Public. If someone else removes his hood he would probably strike at them.

:bulletblue: Very Charismatic and makes stupid jokes
:bulletblue: very manipulative with his words and can talk out of most situations
:bulletblue: However his cheek gets him into a lot of fights because he may say something inappropriate.
:bulletblue: He is very flirtatious around women but still longs or his Mariana.
:bulletblue: He is also openly compassionate, mostly to his cat. But will openly be kind to others to try to befriend them.
:bulletblue: He is a very good thief, if you have something to steal he would steal it.
:bulletblue: Also he is very lonely so will talk to himself and his cat a lot, and sometimes will do it in public without realising.

:bulletblue: He has three dialects, Received pronunciation, Conkeny and toned down american.
-He had his Received pronunciation when he was in the upper class of Selones. -> only uses to get hold of things/Info
-He had his Conkeny accent when he ran away to live with the gypsies. -> Slips into this when he's drunk
-So he mostly uses the third dialect

In Selones he was born into the rich upper class part of country, however he ran away because they thought he was a freak and mistreated him. He ran far into the outskirts of Selones where he met a group of gypsies who took him in. There he learned magic and developed his hidden Biogen abilities. Rylan fell in love with a beautiful gypsy woman called Mariana and they became lovers. Rylan became an excellent thief and pickpocketer which provided for his adopted family. However he became too cocky and tried to pull a lift on the palace, through a dare, but was caught and thrown in jail ready to be hanged. However Rylan escaped using his powers and fled to the port. He heard rumours about other countries and fashioned himself a raft which took him to Corden. Throughout his voyage he met lots of merchants and traders. Through them he learned a lot about other counties and their customes. (So Rylan might say some random facts or knowledge which helps him. For example the fashion of the other countries) When he finally arrived in Corden he started his new life and helped with the war. But his Stealing habit got him in jail a few times and it is in one of these times that Rylan heard about the Tournament when the guards where discussing it. Rylan thought about it and decided to join, thinking it would win him a chance to return back to Selones where he could be reunited with his love Mariana.

:bulletgreen: Very Acrobatic and Flexible (can climb anything)
:bulletgreen: Uses wind to make him jump higher ect...
:bulletgreen: Good with magic, but uses a huge amount of energy and usually ends up passing out
:bulletgreen: Can control the element wind but hasn't perfected it yet. (will improve through levels)
:bulletgreen: very handy
:bulletgreen: very good with the two daggers he owns (combines it with his acrobatics)

:bulletred:His cockiness and wit can get him into trouble a lot of the times.
:bulletred: In selones he needs to keep a low profile and is very nervous there, so has built a habit wearing a hood in pubic. so removing his hood in any public place can make his temper fly up.
:bulletred: Again has a temper but hides it with his wit.
:bulletred: Hates religion and impatient when people talk about it.

Additional info:
:bulletpurple: His MT is located on his wrist on a armband which can project 3D images.
:bulletpurple:He has a cat called Nryrin. He is a Rylans close friend who is always with him to keep him company. Rylan found him in a box and took him in. so Nryrin is very close to Rylan, and Rylan talks to him a lot (even though he knows the cat can't understand him, but pretends he does)
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